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     The HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners cleaning team went above and beyond in making our carpets look like new again.
     Their attention to detail and transparent dialogue created a stress-free process.
Mr. Klein 01/12/2023
     Their cleaners arrived on time, worked professionally and were organised and fast. It was effortless and rather enjoyable dealing with Carpet Cleaner Harrow Weald, such a professional company.
Andy E19/05/2020
     I won't trust anyone other than Carpet Cleaner Harrow Weald for my upholstery cleaning. Great service at very affordable rates!
Katherine Banks20/09/2019
     Great at what they do, my roommates and I have been enjoying a clean home for the whole year since we started, so our domestic cleaning has been covered entirely. HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners run things smoothly and efficiently, which makes them the right choice on the market.
Maureen Irwin28/09/2016
     Having my building work completed and then realizing that cleaning needed to be done after it became a bit of a nightmare. However when I came across HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners, I found the initial approach warm and friendly. The cleaning service was outstanding and I am determined to hire their cleaners time and again.
Naomi G.01/12/2015
     Oven cleaning. It isn't fun, but is must be done. This is why Harrow Weald Carpet Cleaning Company exists and it is why I hired them. I let them tackle my oven cleaning and it means that it is always handled well and fully. I am guaranteed to have a clean oven in no time, with better results than I could manage by myself. They are providing a great service that I am sure you will be impressed with.
Lillian Brown31/07/2015
     I use Carpet Cleaning Harrow Weald whenever I need my upholstery and carpets professionally cleaned. They come to my house with all the stuff they need, never make a mess and are so cheap its great value! I also think there's no stain these cleaners can't remove and they use green products too! I would definitely say they're the best cleaning company around.
Sandy Parfitt 14/07/2015
     My whole bungalow was carpeted over 7 years ago and most of the carpets were now showing their age and in need of a good clean. I searched the internet and my local business directory until I discovered HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners who offered exactly what I needed. They gave me a price estimate and I accepted. They visited my home and brought with them some very modern equipment. They completed the job within the time they promised and I was left with carpets looking as good a new again.
D. Bates24/11/2014
     I realised that my house was getting really messy and dirty and that I had no time or chance to do anything about it and so I called HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners to see if they could sort me out. I am happy to say that their one-off cleaning service is really pretty excellent. My bedroom had stuff all over the floor and then in the kitchen there was so much washing up to do. Well that was no longer a problem after I had used their one-off cleaning service. The place looks great, thank you!
Gary R.09/10/2014
     I was fed up with the state of my home furnishings in my home; the upholstery was looking a little bit dirty. Having as kids and pets had taken its toll. My Mum told me about a HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners as she had previously used them, and been pleased with their work. I called and booked a consultation. A member of staff came and looked at the situation and told me how they would deep clean my upholstered furniture, and gave me a price. I was happy with the cost, and arranged a cleaning date. The work was done professionally and meticulously, leaving my furniture looking extremely bright and clean.
Lena Rinard26/05/2014
     I'm always working, either at the office or at home, and my schedule makes it really difficult to clean my house because any free hours that I do have should be spent on something more relaxing than cleaning! I hired a cleaner from HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners following some great online reviews I'd read, and I wasn't disappointed in the service! My house was positively gleaming by the time my cleaner had finished, and I thought that I was in an entirely different house! Now I hire a cleaner regularly so that I have more time to myself, and I couldn't be happier!
     I was shocked at how big a difference HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners managed to make. They really went above and beyond everything which I ever expected when it came to a cleaning company, and there help has become such a big part of my routine that I'm not sure how I could cope without them. One of the things that rarely gets mentioned is the price, however, because it really is amazing that they manage to keep it that low. Great help, in every respect, and always at such a low price, you'd be mad if you couldn't see how good they are.
     Carpet cleaning is not something I know much about, so it was nice to be told about all of the options that I had by the team at HarrowWealdCarpetCleaners. In many ways, there is a lot to learn, and their advice gave me the knowledge that I will need in the future. They dry cleaned my carpets very nicely, and the color has really returned to the rooms since the dirt was lifted from the floor. The price was a fair bit lower than I was expecting as well, so it's nice to know that I can get the job done for a great value rate whenever I need it now!